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Why Casino Can Block Your Account

Why Casino Can Block Your Account

No user account in an online casino is ever fully safe from being blocked. In this article, the main reasons for blocking an account are reviewed.


Casino operators are always on the lookout for bonus hunters. Bonus hunters are the users who apply for a one-time bonus several times. Usually, the most generous promotions are offered to beginners. This motivates certain eager to win players to create multiple accounts. Therefore, the “one player — one account” rule applies on all sites. If a user is caught on having multiple accounts, they may be banned according to the aforementioned rule. It’s important to make sure that there has not been a previous registration.

If the authorization data is lost, it has to be restored rather than ignored.

Entering False Information During the Registration

To complete the registration, players are required to enter their personal information. It’s unacceptable to mislead the administration. The casino has the right to request verification at any time. In this case, a user will be required to provide scans of their ID, payment receipts, bank cards, etc. If the verification fails, the account will be blocked.

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Insulting Employees and Other Players

Licensed casinos adhere to ethical standards. The experience in an online casino has to be pleasant for all the players. The company and its staff cannot be associated with incorrect treatment. If a user allows themselves to be rude to other customers, technical support employees, or other representatives of the website, the administration has the right to restrict their access to certain features or blacklist them.

A ban for incorrect behavior
The player can be blocked for insults

Fraudulent Activities

Not all users register at a casino to play and have a good time. Cases of fraud on gambling websites are very common. Casinos can be used by malicious users for money laundering and other illegal activities. If a player is seen performing such manipulations, the account gets blocked. Meanwhile, the user’s information is transferred to security agencies.

Ban for cheating
The user can be blocked for fraud

Breaking the Rules

Each casino has its own set of rules. Be sure to read all the available information carefully before registering on the site. In case of violation, the player risks losing their account forever.

Malicious Acts of the Administration

This item is relevant only for fraudulent websites. Script casino owners can block accounts for for far-fetched reasons or for no reason at all. Alas, it is unlikely that justice will be served in this case.

TopicPotential problem
AccountThe money on your balance is blocked
Personal account settingsPersonal account is blocked
BonusesExtra money or free spins aren’t credited

No. In this case, you have to use the login and password recovery form or contact the support service for help.

Usually, deposits are received instantly. In rare cases, it is required to wait for the funds to be credited to the account balance within 5-10 minutes.

Yes. This type of bonus has wagering requirements.

No. If the casino operates under an international license taxes are not applied.

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Ashton was born and raised in the USA. In 2012 he entered The University & Jepson Herbaria, University of California, Berkeley, and graduated in 2017. There he got acquainted with gambling and realized that there was not enough information about reliable websites on the Internet.
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